Monday, December 22, 2008

NYC Baby!

Well we're finally here! We didn't get to bed until about 1 last night and had to be up at 4, but it's been totally worth it! Once we landed in NY and got our bags we made our way to the hotel and dropped our stuff off, and we went out on the town. We had dinner at a yummy pizza joint right down the street from the hotel, then Walter and I set out on our own.
Let me tell you, the subways are soooo confusing, but I think I've figured out well enough for while we're here for the next few days. We ended up in Times Square somehow, but it was most definitely a happy accident for our first view of the big city. We booked on over to Rockefeller Center and I took Walter to the Nintendo store, something which was on the top of my list for while we were here. They had a game boy that had been damaged in the Gulf War...and it still worked! Amazing! We had a good time there, but there were a ton of people there so we made our way over to "Top of the Rock." What an experience! There is a small walk-through museum prior to the elevator ride up to the 67th floor. Eventually two more floors up and you are outside on the highest point on the building...and boy was it bitterly cold! Needless to say, we didn't spend much time out there, but we did get some amazing photos.
After we made it back down from the top we had kind of a hard time getting back out on to the street lol things are a little confusing here. Well once we made it back outside I had a meltdown because the camera wouldn't work. Ugh, are you kidding me??? Luckily, my honey being the wonderful person that he is, was able to fix it and the world was right again. We walked back to take photos of Times Square upon which time the battery in the camera decided to die, so we made our way back to the hotel. And we made it back on the subway in one try...scary to think we actually knew what we were doing. This experience is amazing, and the tree in Rockefeller Center was absolutely breathtaking. I love this town, but definitely wouldn't move here or stay for too too long.
We are headed to bed pretty soon, we're basically exhausted. Gotta wake up early to take advantage of the free breakfast downstairs. If I don't get on before Thursday, Merry Christmas everyone!

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