Saturday, December 27, 2008

Greatest Christmas

Well, NYC was amazing! I'm glad I did all the planning that I did, it helped me know our way around town. We saw the Nintendo store, Times Square, Central Park, Ground Zero and the Tribute Museum, Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock, and just the sights all around the city. I loved it so much, I'm ready to go back already! But the definite highlight of the trip is when my honey proposed at midnight on Christmas Eve by the big tree. It was amazing, and I had no idea. I can't believe I'm officially engaged, and now I get to plan a wedding. We're having our engagement party January 17...coming up pretty quick already!

We also are looking for a house. We started the house hunt before we went to NYC, I just didn't know it was because we were getting married, but of course that's what Walter had in mind all along. He sure did surprise me, but after the fact I found out practically my whole family knew what he was planning! The trip was great until last night when we got home without our luggage. We're actually still waiting for it to be delivered, so hopefully it should be here soon! Oh boy I'm so excited, and I can't wait to start celebrating! Here's to a fabulous 2009!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so excited for you Nanci!

  2. Thank you! I'm so excited :) You need to come to the store or something we're gonna be having an engagement party on Jan 17, and I would love if you and the fam could make it! I'll message Brit my phone number!