Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well I guess it's been a few days and I should update, huh? Some big news...we're moving! The Sunday after we got back from NYC we went looking at houses from and MLS listing I got from a realtor. The contractor happened to be there working so we asked if we could take a look. It was a pretty cute house, so we took an application from him and went on our way. I called the realtor on Monday and she told us the contractor spoke highly of us and that we needed to get our application in right away because there were 2 other people interested. We took the application to her office that afternoon, got approved, and signed the lease that Wednesday!
Here we are a week later and we haven't moved in yet...frustrating! The guy working on the house has been taking a while and we found out he actually told us he was going to the house to work, but when we went by he hadn't done a thing! Well, needless to say I was bedfuddled (there you go Brit!) so we called the realtor. She said "He liar" -- (insert Asian accent here). Well we spoke to her later and she assured us the work would be done by today. We went by around 9 o'clock this evening and the guy was finishing up work on the new A/C unit, so by tomorrow we can begin taking occupancy.
Oh, did I mention we get all new appliances with the house? The realtor just bought the house in September, so we get a new refrigerator, range, washer and dryer, dishwasher (and disposal!) and a new A/C system. The bathroom also has a tub! I know, I know these are simple things to excite me, but having gone without a tub and no dishwasher for over a year, it will be a treat in the new house! Which bring me to the next subject...our engagement party! It's actually an engagement/housewarming party to celebrate everything. I can't wait. And I hope my faves can make it!
Well it's time for a little relaxing with The Golden Girls, then we'll probably head to bed shortly. I never thought when I left for New York that my life would be changing so much...and I love it!