Monday, February 16, 2009

Love is in the air...

Well, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I certainly honey is such a sweetheart. I had to work until 5, and when I got home he told me there was something on the bed for me. So I made my way to the bedroom to find two cards, a teddy bear with candy, and some more candy. One of the cards was from the "babies," our furry ones that is! Of course the other card was from Walter. How thoughtful is that?
When I asked him earlier in the day where we would be going for dinner he told me it was a place I only like to go on Saturdays, which I automatically knew was Cracker Barrel. Probably not everybody's idea of romance, but it was to me because it showed he really cares and listens! Before we did that, though, we had to run an errand. It's a long story, but good. The ring he got me originally had a stone fall out about 2 days after we got back from NYC. We exchanged it and everything was fine. Well about a month later the same thing happened to the replacement ring! We had planned to just return it and get the money and buy it again, because I was told it "makes me look bad if I'm exchanging it again for the same reason." Seriously? Well Walter decided to go to the jewelry store he got the original ring sized at and he found one he liked. So before dinner he took me there to see it. We ended up getting a new ring, which we hopefully won't have any problem with, then went and got our yummmmm on.
After dinner we went to good 'ole Wally World. We got fun things...Trivial Pursuit was on clearance for $10! I got a wedding magazine, Walter got a pair of pajama pants, and we also got the movie Fireproof. Let me tell you what a blessing this movie was to us. Whether you are married, dating, need to see this movie! It was so moving, and I see a difference in our relationship already. We plan on getting The Love Dare book, which goes along with the movie, later this week. All in all it wasn't a traditionally romantic Valentine's Day, but it was the best yet in my book!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Long Time

Well it has most definitely been a long time since I've updated, so here I am! We've been in the house for a little over a month now, and it totally feels like our little love nest! We went through alot getting into the house and all, but we both love it. Now we are going to slowly fix it up, like new blinds and getting curtains and fun stuff like that.

Otherwise, just been busy with work and our life! We're going to Louisiana in March so I can go dress shopping with my aunt and grandma. I can't wait, but it means going on a little bit of a diet and exercise regime from now until wedding time. I want to look amazing for the wedding! And I can't wait we're going to see Rascall Flatts at the Rodeo on March 3. One of my besties Melissa is going with us...I'm so excited!

On a good note, Walter started work this week. Bless his heart it's hard work and we won't see as much of each other as we're used to, but it's to make our lives better. I'm also starting a part-time nanny job this week also. We are going to be crazy busy, but it will give us a chance to start saving and putting money towards the wedding. Oh man, and wedding planning. I haven't done a thing! Well I take that back we did make a guest list to see what we're looking at price-wise if we chose a reception site that charges per head. I looked into a few places to have the reception, and oh man is it expensive! We most definitely have to figure something out to have it somewhere beautiful and intimate but not crazy expensive. But we still have time.

I just remembered! We announced the's December 19,2009! We have a good bit of time to plan and save money, but it's gonna get here really fast! We had our engagement party last month, and it was stressful but good. We had barely gotten all our stuff moved in and the party was only days away, so we had to work hard to get everything looking presentable. Thanks to my wonderful maid of honor and her boyfriend we were able to get everything done.

Well now I'm going to roll my chair over to my table and maybe get one or two pages done, but here's a few pages I've been able to get done in the past few days...Enjoy! (Sorry for the poor picture quality, but the camera was acting a little funny and I didn't feel like trying to fix it. I'll upload better photos later)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well I guess it's been a few days and I should update, huh? Some big news...we're moving! The Sunday after we got back from NYC we went looking at houses from and MLS listing I got from a realtor. The contractor happened to be there working so we asked if we could take a look. It was a pretty cute house, so we took an application from him and went on our way. I called the realtor on Monday and she told us the contractor spoke highly of us and that we needed to get our application in right away because there were 2 other people interested. We took the application to her office that afternoon, got approved, and signed the lease that Wednesday!
Here we are a week later and we haven't moved in yet...frustrating! The guy working on the house has been taking a while and we found out he actually told us he was going to the house to work, but when we went by he hadn't done a thing! Well, needless to say I was bedfuddled (there you go Brit!) so we called the realtor. She said "He liar" -- (insert Asian accent here). Well we spoke to her later and she assured us the work would be done by today. We went by around 9 o'clock this evening and the guy was finishing up work on the new A/C unit, so by tomorrow we can begin taking occupancy.
Oh, did I mention we get all new appliances with the house? The realtor just bought the house in September, so we get a new refrigerator, range, washer and dryer, dishwasher (and disposal!) and a new A/C system. The bathroom also has a tub! I know, I know these are simple things to excite me, but having gone without a tub and no dishwasher for over a year, it will be a treat in the new house! Which bring me to the next subject...our engagement party! It's actually an engagement/housewarming party to celebrate everything. I can't wait. And I hope my faves can make it!
Well it's time for a little relaxing with The Golden Girls, then we'll probably head to bed shortly. I never thought when I left for New York that my life would be changing so much...and I love it!