Monday, February 16, 2009

Love is in the air...

Well, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I certainly honey is such a sweetheart. I had to work until 5, and when I got home he told me there was something on the bed for me. So I made my way to the bedroom to find two cards, a teddy bear with candy, and some more candy. One of the cards was from the "babies," our furry ones that is! Of course the other card was from Walter. How thoughtful is that?
When I asked him earlier in the day where we would be going for dinner he told me it was a place I only like to go on Saturdays, which I automatically knew was Cracker Barrel. Probably not everybody's idea of romance, but it was to me because it showed he really cares and listens! Before we did that, though, we had to run an errand. It's a long story, but good. The ring he got me originally had a stone fall out about 2 days after we got back from NYC. We exchanged it and everything was fine. Well about a month later the same thing happened to the replacement ring! We had planned to just return it and get the money and buy it again, because I was told it "makes me look bad if I'm exchanging it again for the same reason." Seriously? Well Walter decided to go to the jewelry store he got the original ring sized at and he found one he liked. So before dinner he took me there to see it. We ended up getting a new ring, which we hopefully won't have any problem with, then went and got our yummmmm on.
After dinner we went to good 'ole Wally World. We got fun things...Trivial Pursuit was on clearance for $10! I got a wedding magazine, Walter got a pair of pajama pants, and we also got the movie Fireproof. Let me tell you what a blessing this movie was to us. Whether you are married, dating, need to see this movie! It was so moving, and I see a difference in our relationship already. We plan on getting The Love Dare book, which goes along with the movie, later this week. All in all it wasn't a traditionally romantic Valentine's Day, but it was the best yet in my book!

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  1. Where have you been girlie? I don't see you at the Scrapbook Junkie anymore. Hope you are doing well!!